COVID-19 is having an enormous impact on postgraduate students

PhD students have long shown high degrees of stress and uncertainty in terms of graduate career outcomes. In a recent study, however, 45% of PhD students surveyed reported they expected to be disengaged from their research within six months, due to the financial effects of the pandemic. This article highlights some sobering statistics and presents both important ways we can support our postgraduate students throughout their candidature and some great ways they can support themselves. Read the full The Conversation article here.

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Early journal submission data suggest COVID-19 is tanking women’s research productivity

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Well this is a disappointing read. Gender inequality is a major issue across numerous industries including the higher education sector. I know personally as a sole parent home schooling two young kids at the moment, my productivity has plummeted. Lets both hope and work really hard to ensure that in a Post-COVID-19 society, these inequalities are overcome and female researchers gain the space, voice, access and recognition they deserve.

Read the full article here.

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Working in science during COVID-19 or simply being a kind member of our community…understanding and taking care.

Are you working in science during the current COVID-19 pandemic or just wanting to be a kind and supportive community member? This image highlights how the current crisis may be triggering to the mental health of those around you or your own. Please take a moment to read it, understand it and remember to look out for yourself and those around you during this trying time. Because we are stronger together (of course allowing for 1.5m between us at all times!) ūüôā

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Working in science during COVID-19

Needing to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic?                                            Take a look at the following article on how to continue working efficiently at home. Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 12.15.33 pm

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If organic carbon is your thing…have a read of my most recent article published in Science Advances

We used a peer-sourced research network to conduct a global-scale investigation of organic carbon decomposition in greater than 1000 river and riparian sites. Our work provides an unprecedented baseline dataset on which to quantify environmental impacts on carbon decomposition across the globe.

Read more here

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Mentoring in science; assembling your personal board of advisors

Mentors¬†can provide an inspiring source of personal and professional advice; serve as a sounding board for working through tough problems; and offer a safe space for sharing your aspirations and your fears. Finding mentors can be tough, though, and when you do find them, no single mentor is likely to have the ability to help you in all aspects of your professional or personal life. That’s why you should consider assembling your own personal board of advisers comprised of several different¬†mentors.

Read more here:


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Mulling on leadership in the education sector (part 2)

Another great article on the power and importance of ‘intellectual humility’ in education leaders.

“True humility, scientists have learned, is when someone has an¬†accurate¬†assessment of both his strengths and weaknesses, and he sees all this in the context of the larger whole. He‚Äôs a part of something far greater than he. He knows he isn‚Äôt the center of the universe. And he‚Äôs both grounded and liberated by this knowledge. Recognizing his abilities, he asks how he can contribute. Recognizing his flaws, he asks how he can grow”

Read more here.



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Mulling on leadership in the education sector (part 1)

This is a great article on leading change in any workplace really. Heifetz and Linsky tell us that when leading change it is important that we:

  1. Don’t do it alone.
  2. Keep the opposition close (for the right reasons!)
  3. Acknowledge losses.
  4. Accept casualties.
  5. Accept responsibility for your contribution to the mess.

Read more here.

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A great study, a very nice interactive dataset…but a depressing story!

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Gender parity in some areas of the science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (STEMM) workforce could be centuries away, unless we systematically identify and close the gender gap.

By analysing 10 million academic papers, and the genders of their 36 million authors, researchers at the University of Melbourne have gained this new insight into when gender parity could be reached in STEMM…read more here.


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A good read on scientific writing

Unfortunately most of us (including myself) are guilty of this…

…heres to more ‘Ingredient X’ in my next publication!!

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Or read the full Trends in Ecology & Evolution article HERE.

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